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Sell your invoices and get paid today. Turn outstanding invoices into cash that can be used here and now. No more waiting to get paid, no more awkward reminders.

Our offers are free and non-binding
What does it cost?
100 000 kr
14 days
98 988 kr
Money in your account

The fee (0.81%) is an example. The real cost is always based on your company. Except this fee there's no other costs. It's up to you if you'd like to sell one or multiple invoices.

Factoring equals quick and flexible funding

Factoring is a collective term for invoice financing. By factoring or selling invoices, your business liquidity is improved. Choose if you want to sell one invoice or many, or if you want to open a flexible line of credit. Get up to 99 percent of the invoice value directly. You only pay when you use the credit, no hidden fees or lock-ins.

What does factoring cost?

When selling an invoice you get the invoiced amount minus a small fee paid to your bank account. For example:

  • Your business sells an invoice for 100 000 SEK with a 2 % fee
  • We deduct a fee of 2 000 SEK + VAT
  • You get 97 500 SEK transferred to your bank account

When opening a flexible line of credit the total cost is dependant on how much and how long you want to use the credit. The rate is individual and based on your business real time sales. Connect with BankID and get a free non-binding quota here.

Would you rather talk to someone?

Our team of experts are ready to help find the best financing solution for your business.

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Two ways of financing your business

Most popular

Invoice discounting

Put your invoices to work and get an open credit line that continually adapts to your sales. Borrow now and then or all the time, you only pay for what you use.

  • Open line of credit
  • Combine with business loan
  • Minimal administration
  • No hidden fees


Sell one or more invoices and get paid up to 99% of their value right away. Avoid the hassle of waiting to get paid and sending reminders whilst minimizing your credit risk.

  • Get paid right away
  • We take over sendouts and reminders
  • Sell one or several invoices
  • No hidden fees

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