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Business Loan Without UC

Borrow up to two million without UC. The easy way to finance your business. One hundred percent free of unfair pricing, lock-ups and confusing terms.

Our offers are free and non-binding
How much does it cost to borrow?
100 000 kr
12 months
2 044 kr
interest + amortization per week
Total to pay

The interest rate (1,2% per 30 days) is an estimate. The actual rate is based on your actual credit score. In this example, we've assumed a month has 30 days. You will only pay for the days you actually borrow.

Business Loans Without UC

Many companies need financing to grow, smooth out cash flow during seasonal variations, or cover temporary cashflow dips. Whichever reason you have for seeking a business loan, we are on your side. At Capcito, you can apply for business loans without UC (a Swedish credit reference agency). When you apply, a credit check is conducted through CreditSafe, which does not affect your company's creditworthiness or its ability to obtain a loan in the future. In addition we to that we use real-time data to get an up-to-date picture of your company's situation and needs.

When you apply for business loans with multiple financiers to compare terms, you accumulate multiple credit checks. This often leads to a lower credit rating. A newly established company has low credit ratings due to a lack of public data and history, even though they often have the same or greater need to grow and secure their operations. Our business loans without UC are worth comparing. It's simply secure financing with fair terms.

How it works

Quick, smart and on your terms

A fair price in minutes

Get a free offer by answering a couple of quick questions about your company. If you connect your business system, you can get an even better offer.

Personalized offers

Say goodbye to unfair pricing, lock-ins and confusing terms. Thanks to real-time data, even companies with weaker historic data can get access to flexible financing.

Up and running within 24 hours

When an application is approved, we pay out right away. In most cases, that means money in your account as soon as the same day. You always decide the personal guarantor.

Less risk, less hassle

Amortization is done on a weekly basis, which means you pay back your loan faster whilst lowering your costs. You can also pay back the entire loan whenever you want at no extra cost.

What are the terms?

  • Business loans from Capcito come free of hidden fees. You only pay interest and amortization, nothing else.
  • Our loans have a maximum term of 24 months.
  • You can pay back your loan at any time at no extra cost.
  • Our business loans are amortized weekly via autogiro (making your total interest rate lower).
  • To qualify for one of our business loans, your business has to be at least 4 months old and not have and registered debt with Kronofogden.
  • There has to be a legal person that can act as a guarantor.

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Three ways of financing your business

Most popular

Invoice discounting

0,7-3,4% per 30 days

Put your invoices to work and get an open credit line that continually adapts to your sales. Borrow now and then or all the time, you only pay for what you use.

  • Open line of credit
  • Combine with business loan
  • Minimal administration
  • No hidden fees


Sell your invoices

Sell one or more invoices and get paid up to 99% of their value right away. Avoid the hassle of waiting to get paid and sending reminders whilst minimizing your credit risk.

  • Get paid right away
  • We take over sendouts and reminders
  • Sell one or several invoices
  • No hidden fees
Business Loan

Business Loan

Låna upp till 48 månader

Our business loans come without hidden fees and confusing terms. You decide how much and for how long and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Get paid right away
  • Pay us back whenever you want
  • Personal guarantee
  • No hidden fees