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1. Connect your accounting software

This means we can calculate an available amount, based on how your business is doing right now.

2. Get an instant available amount

We calculate your company's available amount in 1-2 minutes. This is not binding.

3. Select your product

Choose between Company Loan, Factoring and Invoice Disounting.

4. Apply with BankID

Apply with BankID when the need arises. When your company borrows the loan is automatically posted in your accounting.

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With Capcito's overdraft we're never caught off guard.

Lukas Duczko
Founder and CEO, Scrive

Totally transparent, the only cost is interest. No hidden fees or surprises.

Alexandra Bylund
CEO, Mama Said AB

Capcito has given us the opportunity to expand and increase our revenue with 150%.

Ann Krogstad
CEO, Selected French Wine AB

Regular factoring is like throwing a hand grenade into the books - Capcito is ahead of the game.

Olle Rydqvist
CEO, PE Accounting AB