How it works

Get an offer direct online within 3 minutes

Connect your accounting software

Why look at historical figures when the present is what matters? We're connected to most of the cloud-based accounting systems via API. This enables Capcito stay updated with your company's sales in real time.

See your amount in 30 seconds

Our algorithms analyse your firm's books and also read additional data from authorities and public sources. Thus we can offer fair financing terms based on how your company is doing in real time.

Chose amount to borrow

Your accounts recievables serve as collateral. Borrow the amount you need and reapay it at any time. We don't charge fees, only interest for time the money is in your account.

Funds in your account within a couple of hours

Sign off with Bank-ID and the money is transferred within hours. Not in need of funds at the moment? Your dynamic overdraft is always there when you need it. There's no cost when you're not borrowing!

Try now for free

Quick and easy access to working capital

You don't need to buy a new suit, go to the bank, and sit through meetings only to await the response of a credit committee in order to get working capital financing. At Capcito we handle everything online, in a matter of minutes.

Our main product is a form of invoice discounting that in practice works like an overdraft facility. By including a text snippet in your invoice template, stating that the invoice is secured with Capcito, your accounts receivables are pledged and serve as collateral. You've got your dynamic overfdraft set up and ready. Sleep comfortably knowing you can tackle any liquidity challenge in a matter of clicks.

Strenghten your liquidity with minimum admin

  • No personal guarantee liability
  • Avoid hassle of floating charge
  • Accounts receivables pledged as collateral

Flexibility is the name of the game

5 days, 3 weeks or 6 months? No fixed duration or time to maturity, as long as you have enough collateral in accounts receivables. No need to determine how long you'll need the funds beforehand.

You can repay the full amount after 5 days, and borrow again after a couple of weeks if you wish. You only pay interest for the time the funds are in your account. There are no other fees associated with Capcito. Compare here with traditional finance companies. The example below shows how even given the same interest rate you'll get anywhere else, Capcito's flexibility allows you to save more than half the cost of borrowing.

If you want to learn more about our interest rates (the only fee we charge) check out the page on price.

Fair credit rating without preconceived notions

Is anything the way it was one year ago? No, much has happened and we take that into account. Traditional financing companies look at old annual reports when rating a customer. We look at how your business is doing in the present.

We care about making fair and just credit ratings. The combination of of real-time data and our automated processes enable our algorithms to take decisions. These decisions are made without regard to gender, age, name, or skin colour. Even though humans strive to be egalitarian and neutral, all research suggest we tend to favor people similar to ourselves. Algorithms don't. That's why we like them.