What is Capcito?

Why we founded Capcito

One of the major obstacles for companies to grow in Sweden is lack of financing. Many entrepreneurs often faced the same problem: it was too expensive and complicated to boost their company’s cash flow when needed. Therefore, we decided to solve the problem ourselves – which resulted in Capcito.

We simplify enterprise by offering smooth financing. By analyzing real time data from accounting and invoicing software, we are able to give you an instant offer – which updates daily, and to use when needed.

Who we are

The founders of Capcito are entrepreneurs and investors with a lot of experience in balancing companies cashflow.

Capcito is financed and partly owned by SEB Ventures and Collector Ventures, as well as a privately owned investment company based in Stockholm.

It should be as easy to apply for financing as it is to listen to Spotify or use swish. We are simplifying growth financing for SMEs

Michael Hansen
Founder, Capcito

Team Capcito

Michael Hansen
Head of Business Development
Mattias Axlind
Head of Product & Risk
Henrik Dyberg
Niklas Möller
Robin Bertilsson
Johan Svanborg
Boel Rödin
Product Owner
Linda Kennerhed
Joumana Bagdi
Credit Manager
Carl Jonsson
Credit Analyst
Jesper Bergström
Credit Analyst
Annika Wassholt
Credit Controller
Leonard Schreij
Operations Manager
Oliver Pechter
Sammy-Joe Akar
Content & PR Manager
Sofia Uhr
Jacob Dubois
Alexander Schreij
Customer Success
Oscar Tingberg
Customer Success
Maja Bogdanovic
Customer Success

Job opportunities

The team here at Capcito is growing all the time. We are from many different backgrounds with expertise in finance, business, maths and tech. We love helping Swedish businesses grow. Want to join us? Job openings at Capcito.