What is Capcito?

Smart financing - when you need it

Do you need extra cash for your business sometimes? Perhaps your clients are late with payments, and you have expenses which need to be paid. Or do you need to boost your cashflow to be able to grow faster?

There's no need to go to the bank, sit in meetings and wait for decisions - it takes unnecessary time and energy, and how fair will the verdict be? With Capcito the whole process takes place online: quick and easy! This is possible since our algoritms analyze your business data in realtime. Your invoices act as securities.

Safe and secure

  • Registered with the Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen)
  • SEB and Collector as investors
  • The same encryption standard as Sweden's banks

Simple and flexible

  • See your available amount in 30 seconds
  • Sign your application with BankID
  • Only borrow as much as you need
  • You only pay interest for the days you borrow

No hidden fees

  • No hidden fees or long-term binding agreements
  • The only cost is interest
  • Borrow for as long as you need (provided there are valid securities)

Who are we

We who have founded Capcito are entrepreneurs and investors ourselves - with lots of experience in balancing companies' cashflow.

Capcito is financed and partly owned by SEB Ventures and Collector Ventures, as well as a privately owned investment company based in Stockholm.

Here's why we created Capcito

We kept running into the same problem: it was unnecessarily complicated to boost your cash flow. So we decided to solve the problem ourselves - the result: Capcito.

Job opportunities

The team here at Capcito is growing all the time. We are from many different backgrounds with expertise in finance, business, maths and tech. We love helping Swedish businesses grow. Want to join us? Job openings at Capcito.

Team Capcito

Alexander Schreij
Customer Success
Boel Rödin
Product Owner
Carl Jonsson
Credit Analyst
Henrik Dyberg
Jacob Dubois
Leonard Schreij
Operations Manager
Mattias Axlind
Head of Product & Risk
Michael Hansen
Head of Business Development
Niklas Möller
Oliver Pechter
Robin Bertilsson
Johan Svanborg